Leverage Reasonable Compensation to Ignite Year-Round Advisory Revenue

Do you know that more than 60% of clients using a CPA or tax preparer want MORE advice from them?

In addition, the top complaints that SMBs have about their accountants is a lack of guidance, too reactive, and they aren't providing enough advice.

If you haven't already added advisory services to your practice now is the time - your clients want and need your expertise and advice now more than ever.

Reasonable compensation is a great way to introduce advisory services into your practice and help you create revenue year-round.

Download our field guide today and:

  • See how a reasonable compensation analysis can add value to your clients
  • Learn how reasonable compensation affects everything from payroll taxes, tax planning strategies, Social Security Income and more!
  • Understand which of your clients may be required to pay reasonable compensation and what documentation they need to have to support this figure
  • Hear from a firm who used reasonable compensation to add value to their clients and increase their firm revenue

I had one client who was so thrilled with the money we were able to save them by running a reasonable compensation report (via RCReports) that they proactively asked if they could leave us a Google review."

John Coleman

CPAOwner of Commonwealth Business Services

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